How to Tune a Guitar

Ways to tune a guitar to standard tuning

Standard tuning, from the lowest string to high, is EADGBe. The guitar tab below shows the note each open string of the guitar should play.

e|--the 1st string (highest)--|
B|--the 2nd string------------|
G|--the 3rd string------------|
D|--the 4th string------------|
A|--the 5th string------------|
E|--the 6th string (lowest)---|

Electric Tuners

The most accurate way to tune a guitar is using an electric guitar tuner. There are a few types of electric tuners; some you can plug your guitar directly into, others use a mic to show which direction to tune the string you play, and others that clip onto the headstock of the guitar.

Tuning a Guitar by Ear

Learning to tune your guitar by ear is also important because it helps train your ear to notice when your guitar is slightly out of tune.

Alternate Guitar Tunings