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Guitar lessons for guitarists of all skill levels, including the basics for beginners and references for hundreds of guitar chords, scales and more to get you playing guitar!

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

What You’ll Need to Know First

Knowing where to start when you’re learning how to play guitar can be confusing at first. There are different diagrams and guitar tabs to use to learn from. Find what works best for you to start learning to play guitar!

If you don’t know how to read guitar tabs or guitar diagrams for chords and scales, start here. Our guitar lessons use these tools as a guide to show where to play a note or chord. Guitar tabs are a common way to learn how to play songs and lessons.

Learn Some Basic Guitar Chords

Start learning some basic guitar chords and work your way up to more advanced chord forms and voicings. Guitar chords are used for rhythm guitar playing. You don't need to know them all - a lot of songs have been written using just a few guitar chords.

Find a Guitar Chord


Guitar Scales for Riffs & Licks

Guitar scales are the notes that make up chords and are used to play melodies, riffs and solos on lead guitar. Different scales create different moods and sounds with the chords they’re played with.

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