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Start Learning to Play Guitar

Start here if you don’t know how to read guitar tabs or guitar diagrams. These learning tools will help in your journey to playing guitar!

The process of learning how to play guitar can be confusing at first. There are different methods of diagrams and guitar tabs to use to learn from. Find what works best for you to start learning to play guitar!

Most guitar lessons use these tools as a guide to show where to play a note or chord. Guitar tabs are a common way to learn how to play songs and lessons.

Learn Some Basic Guitar Chords

Start learning some basic guitar chords and work your way up to more advanced chord forms and voicings.

Power Chords

Power chords can be played up and down the neck of the guitar, making them a very versatile guitar chord. Power chords do not use the 3rd note of the scale in the chord, so it is neither a major or minor chord.

Open Chords

Open chords have at least one string on the guitar played without being fretted. The term "open position" refers to the first few frets on the neck of the guitar where open chords are able to be played.

Guitar chords are used for rhythm guitar playing within a chord key, or family of chords. The chords within a key are used in chord progressions by grouping different chords from the key.

You don't need to know them all - a lot of songs have been written using just a few guitar chords.

Guitar Scales for Riffs & Licks

Guitar scales are the notes that make up chords.

Scales create different moods and sounds with the chords they are played over. Scales are used to play melodies, riffs and solos.

Video Lesson: Major Scale Basics

The major scale is the scale that other guitar scales and guitar chords are built from. This scale is played over major chords and progressions.

Video Lesson: Minor Pentatonic Scale Basics

The minor pentatonic scale is a five note scale used often in rock lead guitar riffs and soloing, and is usually played over minor chord progressions.