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Keith Richards Rhythm LessonAC/DC Artist Study: Angus Young Licks
by Prashant Aswani of
Guitar Tricks instructor Prashant Aswani takes you through some of the elements of style that make AC/DC one of the most popular bands in rock. In this lesson we're going to take a look at a standard pentatonic lick in the style of Angus Young.

Keith Richards Rhythm LessonPlaying Rhythm Like The Masters: Keith Richards
by Anders Mouridsen of
This lesson examines the techniques used to create the classic sound of Keith Richards. It is part of a larger series of lessons from Guitar Tricks called "Playing Rhythm Like the Masters" that includes profiles of Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, James Hetfield and more great guitarists.

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How to Read Guitar Tabs
Guitar Tabs simplify learning guitar chords, scales and even full songs without having to learn to read standard music notation.

Guitar Arpeggio Lessons
Arpeggios are notes from a chord played one note at a time, usually up or down in order. Unlike scales that contain some extra notes not always used to play a chord, arpeggios use only the notes found in a single chord. Arpeggios can be used to play solos or riffs and create a more harmonized sound when played over their matching chord form.

The CAGED Method
The CAGED method is very helpful in learning the notes chords on the entire fretboard. CAGED stands for the names of the chords used in the method (C - A - G - E - D).

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