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Guitar Chord Progressions
Guitar chord progressions use different combinations of guitar chords from the same key to create a song structure. Start learning some common guitar chord progressions to start playing songs.

How to Get the Best Tone from Your Guitar Amp
For many guitarists the sound and tone of their guitar amp and set up can be a life long journey. Finding the best sound or tone is an on going process and depends a lot on the type of music you want to play.

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Lessons with Guitar Tabs
Learn guitar chords, guitar scales and more with guitar tabs.

How to Play Guitar Chords
Learn the basic chord shapes for the guitar. These chords will help when you begin playing songs after a little practice. Learn how to play power chords, barre chords and the basic open chord forms with sound clips.

How to Play Guitar Scales
Learn guitar scales including Major, Minor Pentatonic and Major Pentatonic Scales. Scales will help you learn how chords are formed from the notes of the scale. After learning how to play scales you can also begin creating melodies from the notes of the scales.

Double Stops
A double stop is a guitar term for playing two notes at the same time. Double stops are used in various styles of guitar playing including the blues, rock, country, metal, and more.

The 12 Bar Blues
The 12 bar blues is a popular structure for blues and rock songs. The 12 bar blues tyically uses the I-IV-V chord progression.

Blues Guitar Turnarounds
Blues turnarounds are guitar licks that are typically played within the last 1 or 2 bars of the 12 bar blues and set up or "turnaround" the progression back to the first bar or to end the song.

How to Tune a Guitar
Learn how to tune your guitar to standard tuning.

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